Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus Framed Mosaic

This is a hand made marble mosaic of a Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus with a combination of dark red yellow and gray colors creating the feeling of faithfulness. It is composed of all natural stones and tiles.

Price $464.00

Buy 1 x1 Framed Wall Print Holding Baby Christ by Bowman and Child Religious Spiritual. Prints of The Virgin and Baby Beautiful late 1 th century Devotional Card circa 1 0s Framed Photos Premium Framing Photographic Prints.

Framed Virgin Mary Joseph and Baby Print. Free day shipping.

Darkened wood we find the Geometric Mosaic Pattern Mulini. Virgin With Nursing Baby Jesus By Aniello Falcone 1 1 Wall Art Canvas Prints Framed Prints Wall Peels Blue Flowers Art Mosaic Design.

Immaculate Heart of and Sacred Heart of Framed Print. Print of baby with and in a frame.

Mosaic depicting Virgin with baby Jesus Black Float Frame Canvas Art.

Framed Print with Standard Black Frame entitled Turkey Istanbul Mosaic of. 1 00 00 Tax free 1 1.

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