Flower Leaves Mosaic Mural

You are looking at a gorgeous floral design beautifully shaped.A rectangular mosaic displays a flower at the center with green leaves around it emphasizing the centered flower. This decorative item is a hand made mosaic from all natural stones and hand cut tiles.Flowers always make us happy!!

Price $516.00

Mosaic Mural Flower And Birds Customize Picture Parquet Mosaic Tiles.

The beautiful modern flower mosaic accent creates Flower Leaves Mosaic Mural an eye pleasing addition to your walls or.

Mosaic muralist Friend has spent decades opening peoples eyes.

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Stamen light green tone as the leaves lining.

Yoption 100 Pieces Petal Mosaic Tiles Stained Glass Flower Leaves Tiles for Craft and Home.

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The mural will be completed this spring this be your last to add your fanciful flower or bird or leaf to the canopy of.

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